Comercial Conditions



  • Each user who purchases the services offered by AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS (identified by the RNT No. 6138) forms a commercial contract of hotel and/or touristic services. Such contracts are accompanied by certain rights and obligations which are governed by the touristic regulations stipulated in the Law 300 of 1996, and in all the articles which that law comprises, in addition to the regulations decreed in 1075 of 2007 and 2438 of 2010 and the Law 1558 of 2012. Additional commercial conditions are established by AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS and are sent directly by email to the user or via the user’s intermediary; these conditions are also published on AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS’S web page – WWW.FORESTOURS.COM
  • With the conditions of the hotel and touristic service contract clearly stated, AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS commits to provide the user with all contracted services that are described in the service order which is to be filled out by the user. The user will be attended to by the administrator of AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS, for the dates agreed upon, at the promised high level of service, under the conditions agreed upon with the user. For his or her part, the user pledges to comply with this lodging and touristic service contract and the obligations that are described below.




  1. We will send the service order to the user by email to be printed by the user and presented at check-in. This document is evidence that the user has purchased rights to our services.
  2. We will have reserved and contracted a local transporter before the user’s arrival, who will be waiting to meet the user in the airport of Leticia at the time of arrival that the user has arranged with us. The user will be transported to the offices of AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS. At the time of the user’s departure at the end of his or her stay, transportation to the airport will once again be provided. Note: this ground transportation service, which is included in the service order, is provided by a third party; therefore, in the case of any incident or accident, it will be the SOAT (insurance) of the transporter or the owner of the third party vehicle which will cover the passenger for any damages. 
  3. We will have lodging reserved and available for the user for the dates that have been contracted, such that lodging will be guaranteed with no lapse in availability during the specified dates. Failure to have lodging available when it has been contracted obliges AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS to compensate the user according to the stipulations of the tourism Law 300. 
  4. We will coordinate with the necessary personnel and provide the needed provisions to execute the tour activities that the user has reserved and purchased. 
  5. We will make available the personnel and river equipment necessary to complete the tour excursions during the user’s stay. 
  6. AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS includes a medical assistance card within the services purchased by the user. We employ the professional services of a certified medical company which, in the case of an incident or accident, will provide basic medical services. 




  1. The user must read, verify, and print the service order issued by AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS. The service order should be presented at check-in in our office in Leticia.
  2. The user must arrive in the airport of Leticia on the agreed-upon beginning date of his or her stay.
  3. The user must present the printed service order in the office of AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS. This service order enumerates the services to which the user has rights. If the service order is not presented, the user should follow the directions given by the administrator in our reservations office in Leticia. 
  4. The user must be prepared to comply with the programmed schedules for the hotel services, meals, excursions, and transportation which are included in the service order.
  5. The user must comply with AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS’S code of conduct, and respect the right of all other guests to peace and quiet.
  6. The user will be held financially responsible for any damages to the infrastructure and/or furnishings of the lodging rooms or common areas that he or she has caused during his or her stay.




  • AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS is not a travel agency and therefore cannot function as an intermediary in the sale and purchase of airline tickets. AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS assumes no responsibility to the user or traveler for airline transportation. Any obstacle impeding the user’s arrival on the agreed-upon date which has been caused by the closure of airports, mechanical problems of the airplane, inclement weather, missed flights or connections, delays or changes in flight schedules, or any other situation that arises in connection with the arrival or departure of flights, will be risks and unforeseen circumstances assumed by the user. Costs or economic losses generated by said events will be the responsibility of the user and will in no way be assumed by AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS.
  • If the user purchased the travel program and no-shows by his or her own voluntary will, AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS will consider our side of the contract to be complete.
  • Tour activities are not repeated. If the user wishes to repeat an activity that has already been completed, there will be additional charges.
  • Tour activities are subject to change depending on the weather and the season.
  • The special charges for infants and children are as follows: 
    • Infants under two years old are not charged.
    • Children two years old or older, but under ten, will be charged at 80% the normal rate.




CANCELLATION AFTER HAVING PAID IN FULL: If the user decides to cancel his or her reservation, after having paid the full value of the contracted services, the amount paid will be reimbursed less the no-show penalty, which is calculated on the following scale:


  • If the reservation is cancelled 30 days or more before the commencement date, AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS will apply a no-show penalty of 20% of the value paid. The amount reimbursed will therefore be 80% of the value paid.
  • If the reservation is cancelled between 15 and 29 days before the commencement date, AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS will apply a no-show penalty of 30% of the value paid. The amount reimbursed will therefore be 70% of the value paid.
  • If the reservation is cancelled between 1 and 14 days before the commencement date, AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS will apply a no-show penalty of 40% of the value paid. The amount reimbursed will therefore be 60% of the value paid.
  • In the case that the reservation is cancelled on the day that services are scheduled to begin, AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS will apply a no-show penalty of 100% of the value paid. 



  • Transaction fees incurred in the refund process will be 100% assumed by the user.
  • Once the trip has begun, the services included in the program will be neither refundable nor exchangeable for other services.



  • All users or clients that purchase tourism packages offered by AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS, either directly or by an intermediary such as a travel agency or other external representative or salesperson, recognizes and accepts all of the commercial conditions which are an integral part of the service order that is to be filled out by the user. These commercial conditions are also published on AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS’S webpage – WWW.FORESTOURS.COM

Legal notice: AMAZON JUNGLE TRIPS subscribes to the law 679-2001, and informs its users about the legal and penal consequences of the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors.