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Leticia – Colombia

Zacambu Rainforest Lodge

ZACAMBU RAINFOREST LODGE is located 75 kilometers from Leticia. It is in an area of the lowland jungle straddling the border between Brazil and Peru and is subject to flooding. The area features lagoons, swamps, and hidden waterways connecting different areas of the submerged jungle and linking the Amazon and Javari river systems during the rainy season. It is truly a unique environment and landscape. The region is home to a vast array of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, primates, and jungle canopy species. Together, these form a harmonious and unmatched natural setting and bring our guests into direct contact with nature. The lodge has three units, with double, triple, and family rooms to choose from. Each room is screened to protect against mosquitoes, and there are well-provisioned central bathrooms. There is a hammock room for relaxing, a restaurant and bar, and ample space where you can kick back in your free time, visit with newfound friends, and enjoy local beverages.

 Restaurant: In keeping with our sustainability policy, we use local ingredients including different species of extremely fresh fish (this just makes sense when we’re surrounded by several rivers!), fruits, vegetables, and root crops that form the basis of our meals and boast a highly local flavor.

Staff: All of our staff members are #ChildrenOfTheJungle, ready to serve you and to share their knowledge with you. Our team is sincere and friendly and is eager to provide whatever you need to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Nature Reserve Tupana Arü Ü

NATURE RESERVE TUPANA ARÜ Ü is located 60 km (37 miles) from Leticia on the Paraná, a small tributary on the Colombian side of the Amazon River. When you approach the area you’ll notice that the land is elevated above the floodplain. The region is covered with dense old-growth jungle and is home to native species including large mammals, primates, birds, exotic fruits, and gigantic trees. The lodge is equipped with independent cabins with mosquito screens. Cabins include double, triple, and family rooms. There is a restaurant and bar and a classic Yagua maloca (long house) used for traditional demonstrations like dances, talks by shamans, and as a place for making handcrafts. You can also relax in hammocks and comfortable chairs while enjoying a typical local beverage in a jungle setting.

Restaurant: We offer our #ChildrenOfTheJungle guests local flavors harvested directly from organic plots planted on the premises. Meals are prepared enthusiastically by a local chef and enjoyed in an exotic setting.

Staff: Our staff members are local descendants of Amazonian tribes. They are pleasant, kind, and helpful people. Their roots are firmly planted in a cultural appreciation for nature. They are the original #ChildrenOfTheJungle and have a vast knowledge of the surrounding landscape. Even though local fauna often evades detection at first glance, and the surroundings can be daunting, our staff have developed skills that increase the likelihood of crossing paths at any moment with one or more of the species that roam the jungle.