Zacambu Rainforest Lodge y Tupana Arü Ü Nature Reserve [6 Days Tour]


Days 1, 2, and 3 are the same as the first three days of the five-day tour. Read more here…



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Day 1

 We’ll travel from Leticia approximately 75 km (47 miles) down the Amazon River and up the Javari River, following the border that divides Peru and Brazil. When we arrive at the Zacambu Rainforest Lodge there will be time to walk around and get familiar with the surroundings, followed by a typical local lunch. In the afternoon we’ll take a motorized canoe down to the confluence of the two rivers to watch the friendly pink and gray dolphins against the backdrop of a splendid sunset.

 Day 2

 The morning will be spent navigating nearby waterways. You’ll then be guided by one of our #ChildrenOfTheJungle on an outing deep into the forest and back around to a different spot along the bank of the river. A boat will be waiting there to take us on the remainder of our exploration outing. In the afternoon we’ll head out in small boats to the edge of the Javari River where we will strike out (on foot or by canoe, depending on the season) to go see the exotic Victoria regia plants that grow in natural gardens on Marajá Lagoon. At night we’ll thread our way through the narrow waterways in a motorized canoe, observing the mysterious jungle in the darkness and spotting caimans in their natural habitat.

 Day 3

 We’ll head out by boat in the morning over the rivers that crisscross the jungle, enjoying nature as it awakes against the backdrop of a splendid sunrise. Next, we will take a motorized canoe to go fishing for different species, among them the fierce red piranha. The afternoon will be spent paddling canoes around Lake João Pará, enjoying the peaceful setting, scenery, and interesting fauna. No activities are scheduled for the evening.

Day 4

 We’ll leave the Zacambu Rainforest Lodge and head toward the majestic Amazon River. The trip will be an adventure as we travel through the flooded jungle. We will navigate approximately 130 km (81 miles), finally arriving at the Colombian side of the river where the Tupana Arü Ü is located. The lodge is built in the middle of a classic tropical rainforest. Our #ChildrenOfTheJungle will welcome you, filling you in on the details you’ll need to know and getting you situated in your room. Lunch will be served, followed by an outing in the afternoon to interact with the local and indigenous people. We will learn about their way of life and the customs they practice in the jungle. After supper we will begin our nighttime activities. We’ll follow paths through the forest and have the unforgettable experience of discovering glowing plants and hearing the eerie sounds of the jungle, as we become fully immersed in the surrounding environment.

 Day 5

No activities are scheduled in the morning. There will be time to take pictures and get ready for our trip into the jungle. After lunch, we will hike several hours down a trail into the depths of the forest. Once we find a suitable spot, we’ll set up camp, hang our hammocks and mosquito nets, and explore the surroundings. You will be able to hear the incredible sounds of the jungle’s nocturnal inhabitants during this survival-type adventure.

 Day 6

 We will return to the lodge in the morning and have breakfast, with time to rest. After lunch, we will head back to the bank of the Amazon River where we will visit a friendly community belonging to the Yagua tribe. There will be an opportunity to learn about their customs and culture. After that, we will return to Leticia.

To consider:

  • If you travel alone and on the day of your tour there are no more travelers you must assume a cost of $ 100 per trip (Leticia-Lodge) or (Lodge-Leticia).
  • The start of our tours is at 9:00 and the end at 17:00hrs, if they need to start outside these hours they must assume a cost of $ 100 per trip, the $ 100 is per boat for up to 4 people, if it is from 5 to 8 people the cost is $ 150 per boat.
  • This cost will not be paid at the time of booking but at the time of arrival in Leticia, if necessary.
  • Do not collect fauna or flora.
  • The lodge has solar panels that guarantee 24 hours of energy.
  • The luggage for the jungle is limited to 14lbs per person. But it’s ok, you can leave the rest of your luggage in the warehouse of our office.
  • Please do not smoke in the rooms, dining rooms, boats or during activities.
  • To help reduce the environmental impact, bring a reusable bottle or canteen, which you can recharge with drinking water in the dispensers available in our office and lodge.
  • For your peace of mind and for others #HijosDeLaSelva we ask you to have conversations quitely after 22 hours (10pm) and thus allow a relaxing rest and valuable time to enjoy the symphony of natural sounds produced by the Amazon rainforest.

Due to our hot and humid weather, we advise you to bring light clothes for the day and a slim sweater for the night, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, socks, light shoes, raincoat, swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent, personal hygiene items, small flashlight (preferably rechargeable or with batteries), photographic equipment, for reasons of safety and comfort the maximum luggage allowed is 14lbs per person, the surplus can be stored in our office.


  • Reception at the airport and land transfer to your hotel in Leticia and ground transfers required in the plan.
  • River transfer to the reserves
  • All the activities mentioned in the plan
  • Transportation for activities
  • Accommodation
    Implements: hammocks and counters for camping – regional fishing equipment
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Fruit juice from the region, coffee and tea
  • Drinking water
  • Rubber boots
  • Local Guide
  • Medical assistance card



  • Airline tickets
  • Entrance to Leticia $ 32,000 (colombian pesos) per person
  • Accommodation in Leticia
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Tip



For the safety of our customers we have all the necessary navigation equipment required by Colombian laws, such as life jackets, navigation lights, radio and boats that offer stability and comfort for an adequate performance of the activities according to the needs of our medium, conducted by #HijosDeLaSelva trained and experienced.

The Lodge supplies drinking water for food consumption and preparation. The environments are equipped with fire extinguishers always guaranteeing the safety of our visitors.

The activities in the jungle such as walks and crossings are directed by #HijosDeLaSelva, experts and connoisseurs of their own region, with the ability to act in any situation that may arise.

Nuestros #HijosDeLaSelva son habitantes de las comunidades locales, grandes conocedores de la naturaleza, además cuentan con muchos años de experiencia integrados a nuestros proyectos, ellos disponen de los recursos naturales para trasmitir una importante convivencia con la selva y aunque se comunican únicamente en español logran trasmitir con seguridad y amabilidad una experiencia inolvidable, en esta región somos personas tranquilas y amistosas, nuestra comunicación es pausada y sobre todo estamos muy interesados en compartir nuestro conocimiento contigo.


  • Periodo de lluvias – Diciembre a Mayo
  • Periodo seco – Junio a Noviembre


  •  Inicio del tour :9:00 am desde Leticia
  • Final del tour: 5:00 pm en Leticia

Los traslados a la reserva en horarios por fuera de los estipulados anteriormente se denominan transportes especiales y tendrán costos adicionales.  


  • Desayuno: 7:30 am
  • Almuerzo: 12:00 pm
  • Cena: 7:00 pm
  • Salida para actividades partiendo desde el lodge
  • Mañana: 8:30 am (excepto para las actividades al amanecer que son a las 5:00 am y el desayuno a las 8:00 am).
  • Tarde: 2:30 pm
  • Noche : 8:00 pm